4/5125 評價


舊西區 阿姆斯特丹|距離市中心1.33km
We really enjoyed our stay. It is close to a lot of shops and restaurants. The Rijksmuseum is a short walk away. There is a tram stop also within walking distance. If you want to do a canal cruise, there are several that board across the street from the Rijksmuseum. There is a bus that goes right from the airport and stops across the street from the hotel. The bus stop to catch the bus back to the airport is just down the next block. Our room was pretty spacious for a European hotel. As a Marriott Bonvoy Platinum member, my suite night awards didn’t get approved (likely because the hotel was full) but I did get upgraded to an executive room. I enjoyed the personal welcome note and treats from the staff. They also dropped off a thank you note and a small gift of stroopwafels on our last night! The only issue we had with the room was that we couldn’t get the temperature as cool as we wanted but that wasn’t a dealbreaker. The room had a coffee maker and a small mini-fridge to keep water and drinks cool. The M Club Lounge at the hotel was great. My only complaint is that I do wish they’d vary their breakfast items each day. Five days of the exact same items got to be a little tiresome. We only made it to the club in the afternoon/evening twice during our stay. On Friday night, it was jam packed. People were circling like sharks. I really loved the coffee machine in the M Club and liked that they had bottled drinks we could take back to the room.



阿姆斯特丹大倉酒店 - 立鼎世酒店集團
4.3/570 評價

阿姆斯特丹大倉酒店 - 立鼎世酒店集團

南區老城 阿姆斯特丹|距離市中心2.4km
We were really looking forward to staying at the Okura and were given a pleasant room but found amenities were lacking and not 5* Coffee machine by Nespresso was lacklustre in its performance and no separate kettle for tea so I had to go down to the restaurant in my towelling robe to get my first cup of the day. All breakfasts had been a scrum of Viking guests at any time we tried to slot in and found there were few vegetarian options for hot breakfast so only once ordered from a very limited A la Carte menu - eggs Benedict which arrived fast but cold so can’t have been prepared individually as I was assured. There’s also no children’s height table so with the best will in the world they couldn’t reach all options and so hands and arms ended up in the front dishes. To say breakfast is 5 star would be an exaggeration by about 2 stars and am now enjoying breakfast platters which I know are individually prepared and brought direct to table at my current boutique hotel in Leiden. Pool facilities good but the pool is colder than is kind and the grumpy manager? told us off for trying to use the broken coffee machine there! No signs to ask us not to. The lady attendant at one stage kindly offered to make coffee but she was closing up on Saturday evening so we didn’t take up her offer. A warm welcome at the door and on arrival/reception and crazy turn down service doesn’t make up for poor performance and lack of interest or clean cups (If you can get the coffee machine to work) Much better to use those people to ask guests if everything is ok and any problems ironed out. Concierge was rarely available for quick directions - so it fell to busy reception staff. The Japanese restaurant must be recommended and we thank Paul and his colleagues for the effort they went to for an authentic experience. Well located clean hotel but for a genuine all round Japanese experience you can’t beat Japan it seems.





4.6/5102 評價


在荷蘭6天中的最後兩天,入住了這家充滿藝術氣息的酒店。外觀上它是由三塊三角體交錯疊加構成,遠遠望去如同陸地上行駛的集裝箱巨輪,衹是甲板上堆碼的Containers有些怪異。荷蘭的建築本身就是多樣富有創意的,與眾不同之處在於它的建築主體由OMA完成,內部設計由NEXT事務所操刀,據説這家酒店的內部設計是阿姆斯特丹乃至歐洲最Ins的,設計者想要將全球的文化都提取後加入到設計的細節中,讓每個人來到這裏的印象和體驗都不同。而庫哈斯的OMA也是中國中央電視塔的設計者。 大堂的遊動的錦鯉則令人感覺到了亞洲元素,房間的每層似乎都有所不同,無論從樓道,還是房間內床頭的人物壁畫無不體現出不同膚色、不同國家的異國情調。一樓有售賣零食的開放式櫃枱、寬大的休息區以及大堂旋轉門旁邊免費的糖果,總是給人驚喜。17樓是早餐區,唯一不足的是中國美食幾乎找不到,推開餐廳的玻璃門有一個空曠的陽台,也是視頻的拍攝地。24樓是晚餐和酒吧,還有娛樂場所。 房間牀頭櫃的小魚活靈活現,兩側的吊燈也是別具風格,還配有膠囊咖啡機,還有Earth Water,而WiFi的網速要比前一家酒店快一些。透過落地玻璃窗,前面的RAI建築羣盡收眼底,那裡也是我們這次的會議場所。酒店出來附近就有地鐵和4號輕軌,出行也很便利。 總之,這是一家很好的酒店,有機會還會光顧的。
4.2/590 評價


哦,我很喜歡住在阿姆斯特丹的 BUNK 酒店。我首先被這家年輕的旅舍/酒店混合動力車的好評所吸引,提前預訂了足夠多的早起折扣,在我7天的停留中,我意識到我真的得到了很多東西。阿姆斯特丹BUNK太棒了!唉,從哪裏開始呢?我租了一個吊艙,它在一個大房間裏,裏面有大約50個吊艙。吊艙比雙層牀或其他類型的兵營式旅館更可取。有私密性,有足夠的空間讓你舒服,換衣服,牀墊很好,毯子和枕頭都很舒適意,窗簾厚重。吊艙內的燈光情況獨特,其中一個開關有很多顏色和色調選項,所以你真的可以把吊艙點亮到你的心情。考慮到我在任何給定時間都和30-50其他人在一起,我睡得很好。你也可以在你的吊艙下面有一個私人儲物櫃,它可以相對輕鬆地裝一個手提箱和一個揹包,除非你已經過度包裝了。 浴室是非性別的,所有的攤位都很乾淨私密。作爲一個男人,當女人在浴室的時候使用衛生間感覺很奇怪,所以我在做我的工作時,用耳塞播放音樂,以調整世界,哈。淋浴間是單獨的房間,而且非常私人。水壓很大,淋浴噴頭是瀑布式的。他們有毛巾可以隨時提供。如果你在架子上看不到任何東西,只要問問,他們就會在那裏。 我這裏最大的驚喜是餐廳,附在BUNK的餐廳基本上是4-star餐廳,價格是2-star他們有一個酒水價格合理的酒吧,還有非常熟練的、非常英俊的酒吧招待/酒吧招待,他們可以製作各種各樣的雞尾酒。廚師也非常熟練,服務員也很細心和善良。菜單上有很多種,從鱷梨麪包到有趣的印尼牛肉菜,我只能描述爲美味的美味。他們還有一款“玉米麪餅”,雖然根本不是玉米麪餅,但味道很好。我最喜歡的早餐(也許還有最喜歡吃的整體餐)是他們的蛋本尼,還有新鮮薰三文魚。在甜點中,我多次訂購了他們受歡迎的 Snickers 甜點,它是花生冰淇淋,焦糖和巧克力碎片,脆脆。我打算在阿姆斯特丹的一週裏做更多的美食旅遊,但是食物很好,我在 BUNK 餐館吃了相當一部分食物。我拍了一些我提到的食物的照片,不用說我不是職業攝影師。 前台有人值班(或女的)24/7,所以任何時候有問題或我有問題,有人在。他們對客服非常細心。我也應該注意到他們的鑰匙卡系統和入口和走廊的網絡,我覺得很安全。他們關心那裏的安全,採取適當的非侵入性的方法確保每個人都很舒服。我還要提一下,這個設施非常漂亮。它建在一個非常古老的教堂內,那裏有一個圖書館,到處都是植物,到處都是平靜的氣氛,還有一個安靜的工作或學習的房間。 BUNK位於阿姆斯特丹(諾德)北部。諾德是阿姆斯特丹比較安靜的地區,郊區的感覺與其他地方的城市氛圍相反。從這裏到中央地區非常容易。有一艘渡輪大約10分鐘的步行路程,帶你到中心地區,還有一輛電車,5分鐘的步行路程,直接帶你到中央車站。 我真的很喜歡選擇這個地方的家庭, BUNK 阿姆斯特丹真的提供了貨物。偉大的建築,很棒的設施,很棒的員工,很棒的餐廳,優越的地理位置。我會向任何單獨旅行或作爲一對夫婦/小團體推薦這個。非常小的團隊。住幾天或一週都很棒。我喜歡我在這裏的經歷,如果我回到阿姆斯特丹,我會再次入住。好地方。













4.3/557 評價
The hotel was new so everything looked nice. Thanks to their noise control technologies on windows we barely heard anything in the evening even when trains passed by right outside of the windows. Thanks for the gifts although we don’t drink wine. Very convenient to everywhere but the rate was a bit pricey.
4/5105 評價
Be aware of the a well-designed process of this hotel that can your stay a nightmare. Me and my family came to Amsterdam for short vacation in July, not for the first time so I know what to expect there in terms of hotels standards etc. My wife and daughter came one day before me, and once arrived at the hotel and entered the room, they realized it was so hot and humid, that there was no chance they can stay there (especially in case one had high blood pressure or any kind of heart/health issue). Of course, they asked the front desk for any type of solution but there was no intention to solve this, what so ever (they were offered a fan). The only option they were left with was to book a different hotel in vicinity and move from there as soon as they can - this is how bad conditions were. With all the arguments we had, hotel had no intention to offer refund, voucher, discount or any other complimentary or symbolic token of appreciation. What became evident afterwards, is that this is a deliberate process, planned in advance - hotel sends an ”no air condition” email message just 1 or 2 days before the cancellation deadline to be formally correct and they have ”ready-made” answers. While I was trying to solve the issue next day, I've witnessed a young couple with a 6-month baby from West Virginia that had to check out a day earlier because of the same reason, and another guest concerned about the heat and trying to understand these conditions via a phone call - but the front desk agent ”reeled” him in to book, with no intention to warn about the inhumane conditions. All together, not just a terrible hotel but a case of although formally correct process, clearly deliberately misleading and situation that represents a health risk.
3.8/575 評價
Not quite sure why there are so many negative reviews calling this place unacceptable, for the price you pay you’re definitely getting your moneys worth and some. The male young receptionist was friendly at check in and guided us to our room (although he didn’t know some answers about basic questions about the area, such as he incorrectly told us the wrong time for the last trams, he was very kind but maybe the staff could be told some answers to the most common questions). The junior suite was extremely spacious, had a lovely bathroom, lots of mirrors which was nice, large bed and lots of light windows overlooking the dock. The room was fab, however like some other reviews state sometimes there was a mysterious odour, particularly on the last day, but it wasn’t unbearable. Could definitely do with some harder mattresses which would definitely improve everyone’s experience but I still slept perfectly. Location is perfect for the price, only a 14min tram away from Amsterdam Centraal. The coffee pods and machine in the room were nice but could also put some biscuits there too which would be amazing. Maybe needs a repaint of the room but it’s safe to say i’d definitely stay again
4.2/5105 評價
3.7/566 評價
3.8/5119 評價
這個評論有點分裂,因爲酒店非常中心,你想看到的都很好。但對於那些有流動性問題的人來說,即使在看到接待之前,你首先要面對的是15個左右的非常陡峭的飛行,你必須把你的行李箱拿起來!然而接待人員非常樂於助人,善良,對我們來說不能做太多 這座建築是一座真正的阿姆斯特丹高大的房子,因此是房間和走廊的沃倫,樓梯陡峭。大多數房間沒有套間。有點破舊,裝飾有點老式,但似乎都很乾淨 早餐還可以,但並不令人驚歎 然而,工作人員的熱情和善良使我們的住宿愉快







在Trip.com上,阿姆斯特丹有664家酒店,包括有奢華酒店、精品酒店及廉價酒店等。當地酒店平均價格大概是1347 HKD一晚,阿姆斯特丹有各種各樣的酒店,定能滿足您對不同旅行的住宿需求。阿姆斯特丹有27家五星級酒店,平均每晚3203 HKD。阿姆斯特丹有96家四星級酒店,平均每晚1745 HKD。阿姆斯特丹有146家三星級酒店,平均每晚1098 HKD。阿姆斯特丹有58家二星級酒店,平均每晚890 HKD。作為著名的旅遊城市,阿姆斯特丹入駐了許多為人熟悉的連鎖酒店品牌。在阿姆斯特丹,連鎖酒店如華美達是遊客們入住的熱門住宿。如若您對旅行住宿比較有要求,在阿姆斯特丹還是挺容易找到舒適酒店的,像華美達旗下的酒店就很好。作為阿姆斯特丹的熱門酒店,阿姆斯特丹艾塔娜室友酒店(Room Mate Aitana Amsterdam)是評價最高的酒店之一。除此之外,阿姆斯特丹中央車站希爾頓逸林酒店(DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station)也是遊客們常去的酒店。

在阿姆斯特丹的市中心附近,您能夠方便的遊覽阿姆斯特丹博物館, 水壩廣場, 阿姆斯特丹運河。在阿姆斯特丹適合度假的景點也頗多,您可以去阿姆斯特丹球場, 齊戈體育館, 庫肯霍夫公園。除了之前介紹過的景點外,阿姆斯特丹紅燈區, 阿姆斯特丹中央火車站, 阿姆斯特丹國際會展中心也是比較有名的。阿姆斯特丹的商業氛圍比較濃厚,如果想購物您可以去北市場, 辛格鮮花市場, De Bijenkorf百貨。