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My recent experience at Crowne Plaza was an incredibly disappointing experience that left me deeply unsatisfied. As a frequent traveler and a loyal member of IHG, I had higher expectations for the level of service and professionalism at this hotel. Unfortunately, my expectations were shattered from the moment of check-in. The staff at Crowne Plaza displayed consistent rudeness and a complete lack of concern for our presence as guests. It was evident that they lacked the basic courtesy and customer service skills that one would expect from a reputable hotel. Their behaviour was not only disheartening but also reflected a complete disregard for guest satisfaction. To make matters worse, I was subjected to discrimination, mockery and laughter from the staff, an unprofessional and highly disrespectful behaviour that I never thought I would encounter at a reputable establishment. Adding insult to injury, one staff member even went so far as to instruct the waiting taxi not to take us, further highlighting the unprofessional conduct exhibited by the hotel's employees. Furthermore, the lack of communication and failure to provide any information about the hotel's amenities, breakfast location, and other essential details only added to our frustration. It felt as though we were an inconvenience rather than valued guests. In light of these circumstances, I cannot recommend Crowne Plaza to anyone seeking a pleasant and welcoming hotel experience. The poor level of service and the unprofessional behaviour of the staff tarnish the reputation of the IHG brand. As a result of this horrendous experience, we decided to switch to another IHG property where we hope to receive the respect and courtesy that every guest deserves and we did at the Intercontinental. I sincerely hope that Crowne Plaza management takes this feedback seriously and addresses the issues at hand. IHG should reevaluate the quality of service provided at this particular property to ensure that future guests do not encounter the same distressing experience. It is with great disappointment that I leave this review, as I had previously held IHG and Crowne Plaza in high regard. I hope that necessary improvements are made, and that Crowne Plaza regains its reputation as a hotel that values its guests and delivers an exceptional experience. I left the hotel after 1 hour requesting a full refund for my stay which still has not happened even after how I was treated and 11 phone calls to the IHG support line.



4.1/581 評價


HI - I have marked this as average for a couple of reasons - the first is that when you book this hotel online they do not tell you that there are 2 wings in the hotel facing each other - the first is one is the main only with suite rooms and the other one is called the ”deluxe” wing. Also they don't tell on the website what is different between the 2 wings - we booked the hotel through Makemytrip.com website where it was mentioned that the room size was 325 sq ft and advertised as a 5 star hotel. Believing the details we booked the hotel for 7 nights - now when we check in we find the following problems : 1. The room is barely 200 sq ft in size and very small 2. The floors are stained 3. The furniture is all scratched 4. There is supposedly a balcony which is dirty and walls are stained 5. The lobby of the so called 5 star hotel was like a 2 star small lobby. So we call the Guest Relationship executive and make the complaints that this is not a 5 start hotel room - it is not even a 2 star hotel room and the area is much smaller than advertised. He agrees with us but says he is helpless - so we ask to see the manager - the manager has perfected the art of making excuses - he tells us that the room is used daily so the furniture is damaged and the area of the room is as per the original plan which was passed although the actual size is small. We made a huge fuss and asked to be relocated to the other wing - so they showed us a suite room which was nice and we asked them to move us there - they said that this would cost us 90 euros per night extra - we negotiated and settled at euro 50 per night and paid euros 350 extra for the 7 nights. This wing is fine and service is also good. I am attaching the pictures of the room in the deluxe wing - please see for your self whether this can be called as a room of a 5 tsar hotel. The hotel really needs to be pulled up for false advertising and also MakeMyTrip should be pulled up for not verifying claims of the hotels they advertise on their website.







4.1/513 評價


我5月和6月都住這家酒店,5月入住的時候,我的房間是可選的標準,但浴室裏到處都是,我的意思是廁所裏到處都是。他們聲稱他們叫燻蒸,但在整個住宿期間,我不得不每天殺死他們。我離開時認爲我永遠不會再住在這家酒店。無論多麼快,我回來一個月。叫我僞君子等等。他們給了我一個房間,實際上很舒適。我走進的房間聞到煙味(我剛剛戒菸),牀單堅硬而髒(到達時不得不換衣服),牀旁邊的牆壁上實際上有體液的痕跡,後來我才注意到晚上。看到這個後睡不着。我想吐想房間有多噁心。我想也許他們報復我第一次入住抱怨。另外,電視只有一個英語頻道(半島新聞)。沖水也工作不正常。經過2天的喜怒無常,對我的房間感到不安,我認爲我最好離開。但他們把我轉移到更好的房間。這個房間好多了。電視工作正常,有帶電影的英語頻道,毯子很乾淨。有一個體面的露台和一個小廚房供使用。沖水效果很好。我回來的主要原因可能會再次回來,因爲該地區真的很棒,如果你想住酒店/apt vibe,那麼它很合適。只要準備好這裏有孩子,牆壁是紙薄的,在預訂前檢查房間,或者像我一樣提前付款。我可能會再次回來,也許用我自己未來的吵鬧的孩子報復;)😉如果主人迴應了condasending或粗魯的反應(這是我提前的信息)我支付了美元現金前面。所以不要試圖彌補我。我給出了一個準確和誠實的評論。


City's Nisantasi購物中心



4/547 評價







3.7/530 評價
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3.6/516 評價
Excellent location , in the heart of Nisantasi district ( famous shopping and restaurant area) Clean and comfortable rooms Great management and considerate staff attitude located The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, they even inform you of a good restaurant with reasonable prices They booked taxi for my way back to airport and made sure he is on time
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我很榮幸分享Divan Istanbul所做的巨大變革。將風格與對細節的精益求精,高雅的就餐機會以及非常專業的組織相結合,使這家酒店成為奇妙的伊斯坦布爾住宿之地!即使是Bonvoy和IHG的白金會員,也不要懷疑這一選擇。
4.1/519 評價
I booked this hotel for three nights via *********** who I have to say were also absolutely useless at handling any complaint. I had booked this hotel as it was the only available hotel near to a hospital I was visiting, it had been promoted on *********** with 15% discount. Upon my arrival I found that the hotel didn't accept AMEX that I had pre-booked the hotel by paying and thus, they needed me to pay again on another card which meant I was hit with a non-sterling transaction fee, the hotel weren't remotely interested in this additional charge nor were *********** despite it being their issue. My initial thoughts on arrival was that this hotel is extremely small and situated on a small back street with a steep incline. We were allocated a room on the first floor and could not believe what I walked into. The bedrooms are extremely small, you can barely move around the bed. There is absolutely no view from the windows whatsoever, you look straight out onto the building next door. Our room was on the right hand side of the building, the alleyway below is where the smokers area is on the ground floor reception area so a lovely (sarcasm!) smell of cigarettes fumigates your room if the window is open. On the talk of cigarettes, I found a cigarette burn in one of the pillows on my bed, the bathroom ceiling was caked in mould, the shower leaked and sprayed everywhere when in use, it was clear this had completely rotted away the base of the wooden door frame. The television was hanging off the wall and the air conditioning didn't work apart from making a loud banging noise and was turning on and off every few minutes. I immediately reported this to the hotel and was met with a blank expression - as if I should have expected this! I raised a complaint with *********** asking for a refund and to be moved - apparently the hotel don't allow any refunds. Later the following day we were moved into another room this time on the 4th floor. No changes on the views and despite me and my friend booking a twin, we were put into a double room this time. Minus the mould, this time the shower head was completely rusted away and the air conditioning vent on the ceiling was stopped rattling by a KFC receipt. Because the room was higher up, all of the pipes were making noises and when one of the neighbours had a shower it sounded like they were in your room. I didn't have one ounce of decent sleep whilst there. Our room on the 4th floor did have a new TV on the wall with a sticker about if wanting to watch Netflix to ring reception, I called Reception who told me if I wanted a remote I had to pay a £20 deposit! I tried the breakfast options and two of the three days we were there noticed the fruit hadn't been changed and was rotting away, the only thing that looked fresh was some salad. Apart from that, if you enjoy packet dry croissants or french fries then this is the hotel for you! The only two single positives about this hotel are that it is only a quick walk fr
3.1/518 評價
我在伊斯坦布爾時總是呆在這裏。 這是位於市中心的經濟型酒店,靠近地鐵站和清真寺。







雖然希什利這個城市並不大,但依然有性價比不錯的酒店。在希什利尋找酒店時,準備每晚582 HKD左右的預算,應該能找到不錯的住宿。希什利的酒店性價比高,所以不需要為住宿準備太高預算。思泊客飯店(Sparkle Hotel)希什利中較具人氣的熱門酒店之一。當然,許多遊客也會選擇塔克西姆優質套房公寓(Classy Suite Taksim)入住。