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Terms and conditions

“To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!” 

1. These Promotion terms apply to the Promotion offered by Trip.com (and its owner, Trip.com Travel Singapore Pte. Ltd together with its affiliates, “Trip”). By participating in the Promotion, you agree to these Promotion terms.

2. Promotion period: The promotion period is from 26 May 2021 to 31 October 2021 (both days inclusive) ("Promotion Period").

3. Promotion platform: Trip.com Hong Kong website (Traditional Chinese and English website) and mobile App (Hong Kong Version 7.0 or above).

4. Eligibility: 

a. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, you (the “Participant”) must: i. be at least 18 years old; ii. hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card; iii. reside in Hong Kong; and iv. comply with any other requirements for opening a Mox account (defined below).

b. To participate in the promotion, the Participant must login to their Trip.com account and download the Mox app via the designated Download Link or QR code on the Trip.com webpage or mobile app on the Participant’s device.

c. The Participant must then open a bank account with Mox Bank Limited (“Mox” and such bank account a “Mox account”) by completing Mox’s account opening process as outlined in the Mox app and fulfill all the requirements of “Mox Credit” (as defined below).

5. Promotional offer: Upon successful opening of a Mox account by a Participant, Mox will confirm such account opening to Trip and the Participant will receive 1288 Trip Coins (approximate 100HKD), which will be credited into their Trip.com account within thirty business days. 

a. You can use Trip Coins to save instantly on bookings or exchange Trip Coins for benefits such as free breakfast, late check-out, room upgrades and free cancellation.

b. You can check how many Trip Coins you have online under "Trip Coins", or in the Trip.com app under "Account" > "Trip Coins".

c. Trip Coins have a validity of 6 months after they reach the user account. Trip Coins will expire at the end of their expiry month.

Click here to learn more: https://www.trip.com/customer/points/faq?locale=en_hk

6. Participants acknowledge that: a. Mox is a licensed virtual bank in Hong Kong and that a Mox account is a bank account; b. installation of the Mox app or submitting an account opening request to Mox does not guarantee a Participant’s ability to open a Mox account, Mox Credit or a Participant’s entitlement to the Trip Coins; and c. the Mox app, Mox account, Mox Credit and any related products and services will be subject to additional terms and conditions provided by Mox.

7. Participants can use their Mox Credit at eligible Cashback merchants to enjoy 5% CashBack* of up to HKD250 in the promotional period. Click here to learn more: https://mox.com/zh/promotions/cashback-with-mox-credit *This offer is subject to additional terms and conditions. For more details, please visit the Legal documents page of mox.com or the Mox app. 

8. Trip reserves the right to make any decision in connection with the Promotion at its sole discretion (including to refuse a Participant’s participation in the Promotion). 

9. Trip reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or terminate the Promotion or these Promotion terms at any time and at its sole discretion, without providing any notice or reason to Participants.  

10. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, the Participant shall release Trip, its affiliates and Mox from all actions, proceedings and claims which may be brought by or against Trip, its affiliates or Mox (as applicable), arising from or in connection with the Promotion or these terms, unless due to the negligence, fraud or wilful default of any such party and only to the extent of direct and reasonably foreseeable loss and damage arising directly and solely from such negligence or wilful default. This release continues after the termination of the Promotion.

11. You must read these terms along with Trip’s Terms and Conditions (https://pages.trip.com/service-guideline/terms-en-hk.html) and Privacy Statement (https://pages.trip.com/service-guideline/privacy-policy-en-hk.html). If there is any inconsistency between these terms and any other such Trip terms, these Promotion terms will prevail.

12. Participants acknowledge that Trip and its affiliates are direct or indirect shareholders of Mox (collectively, the “Mox Business Partners”). As a result, the Mox Business Partners and Mox may receive benefits directly or indirectly in connection with the Promotion and a Participant’s participation in it. The nature, amount and method of calculating any such benefits may be varied at any time. Each of the Mox Business Partners and Mox are entitled to retain any such benefits for its own account and benefit absolutely without having to make any prior disclosure to Participants. The Mox Business Partners and Mox may also offer benefits or advantages to each other in connection with the Promotion.

13. The English version prevails if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Promotion terms.

14. You may contact Trip.com Customer Service at +852 3008 3268 for all enquiries, complaints or disputes about this Promotion or Trip Coins. You may contact the Mox customer care team at +852 2888 8228 or care@mox.com for any enquiries about the Mox account (including assistance with account opening procedures) and Mox Credit.

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