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Chuanwang Palace

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The king of Sichuan is also called the king of the king, which is Li Bing, who governs the water in Dujiangyan. Why is Li Bing the main Sichuan, because he manages the water to make the Chengdu Plain "woye thousands of miles, do not know hunger", Dujiangyan not only makes Sichuan become the country of Tianfu, but also cultivates the warm character of Chengdu Plain People through domesticated water. Of course, this is commonly known as "fake fight" in the eyes of the dock city people who have no water treatment. The main Sichuan Palace worships Li Bing, supplemented by some Taoist immortals, is an example of ancient celebrities being included in the immortal system. The main feature is the wonderful atmosphere and well-preserved architecture of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the 23 national insurance units in Chengdu. It is a good place to visit ancient times. [Lihua] 1. Location: Xinchang Ancient Town, Dayi County, is not in the ancient town like many temples in the ancient town. There is still a considerable distance from the ancient town. It is a scenic spot on the Daxu Ring Line and convenient parking at the door. [Lihua] 2. Open time: It has not been opened recently, so I wrote "We are repairing and understanding." [Fireworks] 3. Look at the point: (1) Republic of China building. Mainly the gate and the central promenade, the style of combining the heavy Yuxie Peak of the moth Dougong with the dam of the western Sichuan residential area is a leap in early literature and creativity, especially the central promenade part, there are stairs to go up, now under maintenance, the wooden structure is easy to collapse, repair the board, It is definitely a good place for Daoyu to punch in. The whole building is mixed with brick and wood, rebuilt in 1926, and the history is not far away. ([Fireworks] 2) The main worship Li Bing, as well as Liu Guan Zhang Jieyi Palace, Sanqing Palace and other famous people in the three countries and Taoism Jinxian, the faith is more mixed, the statue is indescribable. ([Fireworks] 3) Meishi Electric Dam. Next to the Sichuan Palace, the little-known hidden campground, the environment is quiet, strange stone, suitable for leisure tea and fishing, there is a fishing position called a throne, there is red sandstone sheltered, the deep stream is next to the abyss, I have seen a rare good location. [Lihua] The Sichuan Palace is too small, and there is not much to see in the houses of the dam in western Sichuan. If it is not the dam playing next to the water, it is not worth a visit. In general, Samsung is more suitable, and you can play along the way.


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