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Trip Moments

Amazing fish tour -!! Golden Creek Park November is also late autumn, this time I not only want to see the most beautiful scenery, of course, my favorite salmon Golden Creek Park, punch card ● Hiking, In fact, but this is also a very original park. There will be a lot of explanations around the hiking trails. The understanding is too comprehensive. There is a viewing platform nearby, you can also see most of the park's scenery, into a piece of redwood trees. I saw it in the middle, with a creek, I do not know if this is the origin of the name of the Golden Stream. Because it's beautiful, I will see a lot of thick trees when I walk a long way. Our four talents barely put it. It's said that it's been more than four hundred years, it's so cool! ● Salmon - it is the time when the salmon lay their eggs. There are also a lot of tourists. A large number of small fish are going up against the current, so many can not see the stones in the creek. The speed of the salmon is also fast and fast. I found the spouse spawning, and then I quickly left, but at this time, there will be some orange stripes on their scales. It will be different from the past. Many people took out their mobile phones and took photos. It has been watching for a long time. The interior of the park is still not small, all the beautiful scenery, or need to discover it slowly. The best is his natural ecological rainforest. The air is fresh, perfect. Opening hours: All year-round, but the campsite is not open all year round Address: Goldstream Provincial Park Langford, BC Recommended playtime: 2-3 hours Tour time: all year round, best in October and November Directions: From Victoria to the northwest, take Highway No. 1 for approximately 19 kilometers and cross the fork with Finlayson Arm Road.
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