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Trip Moments

The Gothic architectural style marks the Gothenburg Fish Market the title of Fish Church. It is built next to the beautiful harbor, which is convenient for fresh fish to be traded at the first time. Although today's fish market does not see the lively trade scene more than 100 years ago, it still inherits the traditional fish food, carrying the city's human fireworks. The weather is fine. When the weather is calm, buy some snacks or dinner in the fish church, sit on the coast and taste the delicious food. Half of the sea breeze is refreshing, and the travel is easy. At the moment, I am not as comfortable as it seems. In fact, the last second with a hat, the next second messy hair, stiff facial expression, boringly sold out the real state. You can also learn about my "dedication" from the wear of the people around me. This style is really "cold". The girlfriends who took pictures of me are not as relaxed as they are, and they have to accept the elegant long skirts. Laughing at the wind and laughing at my embarrassment. The distance between the two is only 2-3 meters, but the communication is difficult, the wind will be far away from our dialogue... need to pay attention to the fish market opening hours: June to August Monday to Saturday; From September to May, Tuesday to Saturday currently September, the notice posted at the door reads: Monday-Friday 10-18 points I dont know if I have not changed the notice in time. In short, I want to see how the family inside the fish church is open, and it is time to choose insurance.
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