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Hezhou jade forest is a very rare "jade forest" composed of white marble stone columns and stalagmites. It was formed in the Jurassic period more than 100 million years ago. Due to the Yanshanian geological fault uplift and long-term karst erosion and local Affected by high temperature, plus more than 1,000 years of tin mining since the Song Dynasty, the peaks in the region have been exposed from the stone buds, the peaks and peaks, the stalagmites, the trough funnels and the slits have made the "Millennium Camel" and " Many strange natural landscapes such as the air corridor and the first-line sky. It is independent of the surrounding limestone mountains and has been hailed as a human wonderland by tourists. It is called a geological wonder by geoscientists.
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Guangxi, 100,000 mountains, indeed, the mountains are continuous, ups and downs. Here, there are mountains, water and food, and there is a longevity town like Hezhou. If you have read the movie version of "China on the tip of your tongue", you must have heard of the stuffed vegetables in Guangxi. Snail brewing, pomelo peeling, pepper brewing, bitter gourd stuffing, pig blood stuffing, melon flower stuffing, bamboo shoots brewing....All kinds of stuffing, if a Guangxi person has not eaten these, how can it be called? On the Guangxi people, a foreigner went to Guangxi. If you haven't tasted the brewed food, it is equivalent to going to Guangxi. When the ingredients are cut open and filled with other ingredients, the feeling of mix and match is really good. Fried mulberry leaves have been eaten? Do you think that mulberry leaves can only feed silkworms? No, it can still be eaten, fried to crispy, fresh and refreshing. Bovine acid, Hezhou's most famous snack, a string of sour, spicy and very appetizing. Wash the intestines and lungs, cut the large intestines, cut the small pieces of the lungs, put the onion and ginger wine to cook until half-cooked, pick up the large intestine, wash the water with water, drain and set aside. iron pot a little refined oil, warming the onion ginger slightly fragrant, pour the large intestine lung into the stir fry, drizzle the yellow wine, pour into the cold water to boil, turn on the warm fire for about half an hour, put salt, MSG, put a little pepper in the pot, sprinkle some minced meat! Ginger sow feet, the sauce is soaked in ginger, the silk is spicy, and it is infiltrated into the pig's feet, so it is best to eat ginger.
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