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At noon, I went to the top of the mountain to find a roadside stall to eat a bowl of instant noodles and drink a bowl of yogurt. I saw two birds that were photographed with tourists. Although I was not worried about food and clothing, I still liked how they spread their wings.
Going down, I think this mountain is very similar to a camel. If you go down, you have to enter the gravel road. When you go out from the gravel road, you will arrive at Guide. Because we don't want to go around from Guide, so the original way back, it will be good to go here.
On the way back, the weather cleared again. We took another shot along the way.
The biggest harvest is this photo. When I go, it is a cloud. When I come back, the color is clear, yellow, green, blue and white. The four colors are especially like.
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