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Trip Moments

The Ganzhou Confucian Temple was built in the 7th year of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. The main buildings include Minglun Hall, Wenchang Palace, Dacheng Hall, Dacheng Gate, Zhuangyuan Bridge, Qixingmen, Chongsheng Ci, etc., covering an area of 4,887 square meters. There is a shadow wall about 18 meters long in the front of the Temple of Literature. The middle of the shadow wall is made of stone-shaped four-petaled window, which can be seen from the street. There is a door on each side of the window. The title of "German World" on the left door means the hall of the school school, and the title of the road on the right door is "the ancient crown and the present", indicating that it is a place dedicated to Confucius. Admission is from the left, and the worshipper enters from the right. Crossing the Shifangmen, there is a half round pool, about 1 foot 2 feet deep, clear water clear, named Yuechi. There is a stone arch bridge on the moon pond, commonly known as the Yuegong Bridge, also known as the Zhuangyuan Bridge. Anyone who has academic success will come to the bridge and worship the hole, expressing gratitude and praying for a great future. Or the students will step into the bridge before the exam, and they will be able to make a name for themselves. There are two tall osmanthus trees on both sides of the bridge. After the bridge, there is a row of blue-and-mortar brick-and-wood structure, leaving the middle gate. It was originally a place dedicated to the chief executives of the dry state of Ganzhou. The name is named and the right side is dedicated to the local celebritys tablet. Xiangxian Yin, such as Yang Yuebin, Luo Rongguang, Yang Weishu and other people's tablets. Passing through the middle door, the left and right sides are Dongpu and Xiqiao. It used to be a place dedicated to the 72nd disciple of Confucius. Later, it was used as a classroom for the National Eighth Middle School. In front of it is the Dacheng Hall. In front of the temple, there is a "Yu Dao" for the emperor to pay homage. On the carving of the dragon pattern, this road can only go to the emperor. Other ministers or meritors can only be left and right.
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