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Trip Moments

Nanchang net red punch card map romantic pink flower sea attached to the Raiders again in the year my favorite season! In the fall, the summer heat is retired, and the beautiful autumn clothes can be worn. Red maple leaves, overflowing sweet-scented osmanthus, competing open chrysanthemums, which are all autumn beauty. Of course, there is also a powdery grass that presents a pink cloud of ocean. I learned about the powder of the Phoenix Ditch last year, but missed the flowering season due to time. This year, I will take a moment to see this piece of pink. The pink flower sea of Phoenix Valley has become the net red card punching place in Nanchang. It is located in the scenic spots of Qiushui and Fengqing Valley in the scenic area. It covers an area of tens of acres and is a large-scale pink sea of flowers in Jiangxi. Because the climate is suitable, the flowering period will be longer than other places, and the flowers will bloom in mid-September until mid-October. It is like a pink smog, like a sweet marshmallow, it can be described as "sweet flowers and fascinating eyes"! Especially the scale is so large, in a piece of film, placed in it, picturesque, dreamlike. Beautiful pink flower sea landscape attracts a large number of tourists to come to watch and create photography. There are many decorative scenes in the sea of flowers, allowing visitors to create better and shoot beautiful and beautiful movies. Shooting Raiders 1 Dressing: It is not recommended to wear pink or warm color clothing, try to contrast with the color of the flower sea, but the color is not too bright, like white, gray, black, pink blue , are all good choices. 2 Angle: If you want to have the effect of a piece of flower sea, try to take a shot and do not take pictures of the environment other than the sea of flowers. If you want a dense flower sea, the effect will be flat, but pay attention to the green plants as much as possible and take more blue sky. 3 Time: The pink grass is shot in pink when it is backlit, and it looks very thick. When shooting in the light, it is purple and looks a bit sparse. Therefore, it is recommended to shoot back light. When the light is reversible, the person's face is not good to shoot. If there is no such equipment as the light board, the effect will be unsatisfactory. But you can use the morning and evening time, the light will be softer. Especially at sunset, the light is best, and it looks very nice. Opening hours: 07
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