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Sweet Tomatoes相關評價


評價日期 2016年3月5日

Arriving after the lunch crowd on Friday around 3 PM was the perfect time to go. The bowls of salad at the beginning of the buffet line were almost empty & we saw no one trying to refill them. There was plenty on down the line for us though for us to build our own. The salad & all items on the salad bar were crisp & delicious. All areas of the restaurant were clean & those watching our tables did a great job taking away our empty dishes. We like the self serve drinks too. The price is right for an all you can eat buffet. There were several soup options but the spicy sausage soup was very good. The corn chowder was creamy but the flavor was pretty bland. The foccia garlic cheese bread was delicious. The penne pasta was good too but the pollo broccoli fettuccini was delicious. The only problem with it was there was no chicken at all in the dish. Almost as we left, a chocolate lava cake was brought out so I tried it - also delicious. Very good value for all you can eat. We would go again, definitely, when we visit Orlando again. 為 Group Limited 的旗下品牌,是全球領先的旅遊服務供應商之一
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