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Domino's Pizza相關評價

評價日期 2021年1月22日




評價日期 2016年5月26日
after being in Florida for a couple of days and being fed on the normal buffet and steak ..we decided to try something different ..we have dominos in the UK so thought it was a safe bet ..worse decision ever ..the first girl didn't seem to understand how to take an order so a male colleque took the order ..1: large pizza with 3 toppings pepperoni ,bacon chicken ..easy 2 :large Hawaiian with 3 toppings chicken ,ham ,and the obligatory pineapple another simple one .+ Garlic sticks and stuffed cheesy bread .one 2 litre bottle coke ..all straight forward ...told by the male it would be 10 mins ..I left my daughter and granddaughter to wait whilst I popped across the road to get some beers took me 15 mins so I expected my daughter to be waiting no chance ..another 10 mins later and a complaint about the wait we received our order ...back to hotel to enjoy no chance cut a long painfull story short ..the food was disgusting and the Hawaiian consisted of a dry pepperoni with about 10 -15 chunks of pineapple on one side no ham and no chicken ..I phoned to complain and after speaking to 3 different people ..I finally spoke to a woman who claimed to be the manager also claimed she took my order and that she stated it would be 25mins at least ..not only did she turn a total disaster into something worse she blatantly lied and totally denied everything so if you want a good experience PLEASE avoid at all cost .YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.there are loads of really good pizza restaurant's all with in walking distance of this one CICI's for one excellent for family's . 為 Group Limited 的旗下品牌,是全球領先的旅遊服務供應商之一
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