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Trip Moments

要論藝術成就文化價值,四大石窟都是各有千秋,難分伯仲。不過要論石窟的險峻雄奇,那其他三座石窟都要讓位於天水的麥積山石窟——這座世界文化遺產石窟不單單是開鑿不易了,就連想接近欣賞一番,也頗需要一些勇氣和膽略。 麥積山山如其名——一座142米高的孤峰拔地而起,山形酷似麥垛,山崖陡峭,如刀砍斧削,200多座洞窟和1萬餘身泥塑石雕和上千平米的壁畫就被雕刻塑造於這絕壁之上。遊人想一睹這被稱為“東方雕塑藝術陳列館”的真容,必須沿著於懸崖上的棧道拾級而上,棧道層疊相交,人說蜀道難難於上青天,這麥積山的棧道趕蜀道也是不遑多讓了。登至高處,視野極度開闊,石窟周圍的群峰雲霧繚繞,層林盡染;而腳下,就是萬丈深淵,讓人不禁有些頭暈目眩之感。 人說西方一直都驕傲於其古希臘古羅馬以及文藝復興時期那些聞名遐邇的人物雕塑作品,其實在東方,這麥積山石窟裡“東方的微笑”,也完全可以與之媲美。涅槃窟、千佛廊、散花樓、萬佛堂等處的洞窟,都有非常值得稱道的造像。 麥積山石窟的洞窟基本都分佈在東西兩面崖壁上,西崖有140多個,而東崖則有50 多窟。 最引人注目的東崖峭壁上三尊巨大的一佛二菩薩造像,妙相莊穆,體相豐潤,密如蜂房佈於其四周,確為奇觀。 Tips: 麥積山石窟雖與莫高窟齊名,但門票只有90元,差不多是莫高窟的一半,價效比非常高。 麥積山石窟距離天水市區約30公里,車行需1小時,市區可乘坐公交5路、34路到終點站麥積山停車場站下車即可到達 麥積山景區除石窟之外,還有石門、仙人崖等景區可以遊覽。
"Shantou Nanguo Temple, the water number of Beiliuquan. The old tree is empty, and the clear channel is passed down. The autumn flower is at the end of the dangerous stone, and the night view is on the side of the clock. It is sorrowful and the wind is stunned." I did not think that the trip to Tianshui in Gansu actually led me to see a place where the Du Fu Caotang still had cows - Nanguo Temple in Tianshui, Gansu Province. Poetry, write an average of one more day! The famous Du Fu Caotang in Chengdu, Shi Sheng Lao has lived for nearly four years, and his poetry has been written more than 240 times. Nanguo Temple was built in the Southern and Northern Dynasties and has a thousand years of history - please note that this is not the temple of Mr. Nan Guo. The word "Nan Guo" refers to the orientation, which means that it is located in the south of the city. Nanguo Temple is surrounded by water, carrying a quiet forest, a quiet environment, and a long history, but this temple is still far from the old trees in the courtyard, and the town temple wood is the "Nanshan Cooper" of the Intermediate Academy, about 2,500 years old - - 2500 years, this is an authentic Western Zhou tree! In 759 AD, in the chaos of Anshi, Du Fu dragged his family to avoid the war. He passed through Qinzhou in the middle of the road. It is todays Tianshui, and his nephew Duzo is also in Qinzhou. For three and a half months. There is a saying that "the country's unfortunate poet is lucky", the poor poet Du Fukong has a talent, but it is not a good time, a lifetime of depression can not say, but also drifting away, drifting around. In the guest days of Tianshui, Shi Sheng visited the mountains and rivers hereWen Si Quan Chung, and once he was filled with grief and indignation, he wrote the poems at an average speed of one day.
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