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國際 +86 21 2226 8881 英文/廣東話/普通話: 全天候營業
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Big Wave Dam - a dam worthy of "waves" Have you ever been to such a place, sitting in the world, watching the clouds. In front of you, the trees are lush, green grass; beside you, the cows are leisurely, the mountain wind is low; A small stream slowly passes through the grass, the stream is crystal clear, you can see the water at a glance The sandstone, with stones and branches in the stream, can easily jump to the other side. Standing at the end of the big dam, can't see the margin of the green land; walking on the soft meadow, the heart will become softer; the shadow of the row of pine trees on the meadow is pulled by the old elders, the sun The figure also stretched; I couldn't help but lie on the soft carpet. The clouds in the blue sky above the head gently moved the sound of the steps, and even a flower blossoming sound could be heard. This is a plateau meadow with oil paintings; this is a paradise that wants to jump, roll and scream a few times; it is like a beautiful dream. play guide self-driving route: After visiting the millennium ancient village - Nuo Deng, go out to Lanping direction, cross the Minjiang Bridge 800 meters, turn left onto Panshan Road, Tianchi Line, go straight for 22 kilometers to reach Tianchi National Level The gate of the nature reserve, then turn left to Haitang Highway, and arrive seven kilometers later. Accommodation: Camping in the dry season, with herdsmen in the summer village, and accommodation in the Tianchi Sanctuary.
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