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4.1/548 評價


二世古町|距離Nook Annupuri2.53km
I found the Green Leaf Hotel to be okay, adequate for my needs, but not as good as I expected. The place was disappointing in several ways that were not huge but were significant. Cleanliness in my room was not what I expected of a Japanese hotel – I’d say the cleanliness level was more Australian than Japanese (in my experience, Australian hotels have a very low standard of cleanliness). My room at the Green Leaf had sticky food residue and coffee cup rings on tables left by previous occupants, and the toilet seat had some disturbing spots or dry residue. I felt the need to wipe down the room with a damp towel. The furniture in my room looked a bit battered and tired, room carpet and fabrics looked stained and dirty. The bathroom was dimly lit, and the bath/shower waste outlet was slow to empty. The toilet roll holders were inexplicable: the toilet roll was impaled on a spindle which was then inserted into a toilet roll holder on the wall, a conventional design. However, the spindle did not fit the toilet roll holder. It was a waste of time using the toilet roll holder; every time I tried to pull toilet paper from the holder, the toilet roll and spindle just fell out of it. Therefore, I just left the toilet roll on the floor. However, every day, the cleaner would precariously re-insert the toilet roll on its spindle back into the holder, from where it would fall out again the first time I tried to pull toilet paper from it. Very strange, and not what I expected from a culture based on perfection. Also, if your bedside tables are like mine, beware. They will not be screwed to the wall, and they have drawers that, if you open them, tilt the table forwards, throwing your mobile phone or Rolex to the floor, or neatly emptying your cup of tea and pot noodle into the drawer and its contents. Again, inexplicably bad design, not what I expected of Japan. Another oddity that happens in many a hotel. My wardrobe had a long hanger rail, but I was provided with only five coat hangers. Why do hotels do that – provide a big wardrobe but only a few coat hangers? It makes no sense at all. However, I was provided with more hangers after I asked twice for them. One morning, water from the hot tap came out brown rather than clear. I reported it and it didn’t happen again. So, several significant areas of disappointment. However, the hotel was good in many key ways. My bed looked clean and was comfortable. The staff were great, as was the onsen. Breakfast was good. The hotel restaurant only serves one type of dinner, but it is very good. The hotel is ski in/ski out, and has a good boot room. I had a great time skiing from The Green Leaf Niseko Village for six nights. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend it, and if I go to Niseko again, I’ll go to a different hotel, probably one in Grand Hirafu. Why Grand Hirafu? One might say that Niseko Village is oddly named. The one thing it isn’t is a village. It has ski lifts, a ski area, at least two hotels, so





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4.4/57 評價
4.5/511 評價
酒店非常乾淨舒適。團隊樂於助人,樂於助人。氣氛涼爽而輕鬆。有一個穿梭巴士通往所有 4 個滑雪勝地,非常靠近該處所。我們強烈推薦這個物有所值的地方!
4.6/55 評價
4.2/59 評價
I came here on a solo trip as the last leg of a 17 day trip in Hokkaido. Starting with the lodge itself, the building is a cute standard lodge with 3 floors, the base floor has rooms, the ski equipment room, 2 shower rooms, and laundry machine. The main floor has the front desk, water closets, a dining room, staff kitchen and a wood burning stove. The top floor has more rooms and common areas with couches. There is a breakfast buffet for 1800 yen that you can add on to your stay which I recommend because it is a nice hearty western breakfast- great before the slopes and the lodge is quite far from restaurants without a car. While I was there, breakfast consisted of sausages, bacon, eggs, shimeji mushrooms, hot cakes, bread, muffins, various cereals and yogurt. If you are concerned about speaking Japanese, almost all the staff were international and spoke English. The staff were super friendly and all did different things for the lodge. Some cooked breakfast, built the fire, shoveled snow, taught snowboarding, tidied the lodge, etc. A team of jack of all trades, impressive group of friendly people. My last day there, I wanted to get some refresher courses on snowboarding. It was last minute but the staff was super accommodating on trying to help find what I needed. One staffer, Joel called around to see who was available, and Carmen, one of the instructors agreed to take me, even though it was her day off. I have not been on a snowboard since before the pandemic so I was really rusty. I told Carmen everything I was struggling with and she was understanding on what I needed help with. I did go early season, so there wasn't a lot of snow but Carmen took me to Annupuri and we ended up snowboarding almost the entire day. She gave me pointers on what I was doing, and took videos of me so I can review them for further study. I was pretty shaky on the board initially, but by the end of the day, I was able to turn better and had less wipe outs. Carmen also took me back to drop off my rentals and took me back to the lodge. The lodge also has great vibes, largely in part to the staff. I enjoyed talking to the people worked there, but also enjoyed talking to the guests I met there from Singapore and Australia. The location of the lodge is a little far off from the slopes and does require taking the shuttle buses which stop at 5pm. The lodge is also in a fairly remote location, so meal planning is a must. There is a dairy farm that is a 9 minute walk away with a wonderful pizza shop, western restaurant, bakery/ ice cream shop, and a chocolate shop. All of these close around 5:30pm, and keep in mind, the buses stop running at 5pm. There are food delivery and pick-up offerings though- as in, you call the restaurant to come pick you up to dine at their restaurant. So besides lack of food options, this place was a fun place to stay at.
3.9/542 評價
我們在一個日航塔度過了一個愉快的滑雪假期。這是我們對酒店的看法。1) 前往Moiwa和Annupuri度假村的良好通道,步行即可到達(步行到–滑雪回來),有定期免費班車服務到Annupuri。我想說,去平福有點遠,正如別人所說,去平福的班車讓你晚了一點。我們很難選擇我們最喜歡的度假勝地:莫伊瓦是如此安靜,幾乎就像一個私人度假勝地,而安努普里有着寬闊的長廊和可愛的天堂小屋咖啡館!2)房間很大,設備齊全,我們四個人住的是公寓式房間,按日語標準算,很大!牀很舒服(根據我老公的說法,他對牀墊和枕頭很挑剔)還有用來做簡單晚餐的小廚房。這是日本風格的廚房,所以沒有烤箱,只有很好的和巨型冰箱。房間內也相當快的WiFi。他們每週都會適當地打掃一次房間,每天的清潔工作最少(牀鋪、毛巾更換和垃圾清理),雖然這不是我們的問題,因爲我們大部分時間都在戶外。房間也很安靜,我們很幸運,能買到十樓的房間,可以看到森林的美麗景色。3.溫泉浴能舒緩肌肉痠痛 溫泉是本家最大的特色之一,有些家庭成員每天會來兩次......有男士香水和女士香水,室內和室外都有。坐在外面泡個熱水澡,看着雪,真的很不錯。我還要補充一點,溫泉和很多公共空間都是用簡單的現代風格裝飾的。我們喜歡平靜的、不挑剔的時尚外觀。4)早餐不錯,圖拉我們包了早餐。有日式、西式和中式早餐菜餚可供選擇,菜餚烹調得不錯。我的孩子們會將托盤高高地堆滿牛角包、味增湯、炒蛋和炸雞......?我好像看到評論評論咖啡的質量,但我們發現咖啡機上的濃縮咖啡非常好,當然不是純白的,但我們不是來尼塞科喝咖啡的。房間內也有膠囊式咖啡機,非常像濃縮咖啡。正如其他人所說,Tura餐廳強烈推薦。它有點貴,所以我們在住宿期間只去了一次,但我們非常喜歡課程菜單。烹飪水平極高。例如,我們最喜歡的菜是脆的平底鍋朋友生配生意大利飯和烤北海道豬肉配日本醬。當我們去土拉的時候,它和我們分開是空的。不要讓這個讓你失望。預訂一張桌子很重要,最好事先指定要吃什麼,這樣他們就可以準備好了。我們沒有嘗試客房服務。 5)友好的服務最後,但並非最不重要的是,One Niseko的服務很棒。有很多非日本小屁孩
4.3/58 評價



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二世古町遊玩,超過27家口碑不錯的酒店能您選擇。在二世古町尋找酒店時,準備每晚1432 HKD左右的預算,應該能找到不錯的住宿。二世古町有1家五星級酒店,平均每晚850 HKD。二世古町有8家四星級酒店,平均每晚1814 HKD。二世古町有4家三星級酒店,平均每晚664 HKD。二世古町有9家二星級酒店,平均每晚1138 HKD。入住二世古町當地的特色酒店能夠讓遊客得到不一樣的住宿新體驗。希爾頓是去當地旅遊,遊客選擇最多的品牌之一。喜歡希爾頓的客人來到這裡,可以選擇該品牌旗下的酒店。莫伊瓦834膠囊旅館(The Lodge Moiwa 834)二世古町中較具人氣的熱門酒店之一。當然,許多遊客也會選擇二世古尼賽克努普日立本別墅酒店(Niseko Villa Nupuri Leben Niseko)入住。

二世古町的市中心附近,您能夠方便的遊覽Niseko Village Pure。其實到二世古町旅遊,最熱門的景點還有昆布溫泉, 山莊滑雪場。若您希望購買一些當地特產,可以考慮去當地的商業區高橋牧場牛奶工房, The Mad Hatter, Niseko逛一逛。