Tabulia 樹酒店別墅
3.9/542 評價
We stayed at this hotel for a couple of nights while visiting Manuel Antonio National Park. It is a very lovely little hotel situated on a hill and attached to a restaurant that provides free breakfast for its guests (check to make sure your room has it included, I believe some rooms did not). Things we liked - the rooms were very clean, well arranged, there was a small safe (you have to get a key from the desk), A/C (very needed - it is quite hot and humid in the area), a fairly large pool with a bar and lounge chairs (free), and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Also bonus - they have a cat! (or possibly a couple of them). Breakfast was nice, a few choices and some add-ons like bacon, ham etc. that you have to pay extra for but I thought they had enough options - typical breakfast, ham and cheese sandwich and yogurt and granola as well as coffee/tea and orange juice. Wait staff were great too. The entire building is very beautiful, there is a lush green garden all around, hammocks by the rooms outside and the furnishings were nice too. Things that could be better - NOT entirely an accessible hotel, I cannot stress this enough! They do have golf carts and will drive you up to your rooms (the rooms are up a hill as well) and I believe if you have a wheelchair, you might be able to go up the ramp to the rooms as well but don't quote me on that. The golf carts are not available 24/7 so if you cannot walk down the stairs or down the hill on the path, you might end up stuck in your room or down by the reception. The restaurant is down some stairs as well. Big tip - inspect your room when you get in! We noticed our room had some existing damage to the night stand and bed headboard and immediately reported to the manager to ensure we were not charged for existing damage (they were aware of it and sent someone up just to check but did not give us any trouble!) - take pictures when you get in and let management know if you notice anything. Overall, would recommend this hotel. Very nice, ample parking and easy to find. Walking distance to a few nice restaurants and short distance from the beaches and Manuel Antonio National Park as well as the neighbouring town of Quepos if you need groceries (note, no fridges in the rooms!).
3.7/540 評價
這是我兩年來因COVID 第一次回到這家酒店,很高興看到許多相同的工作人員,由於靠近主巴士總站,步行即可到達碼頭,因此酒店一直是很棒的地方,中心魁波斯和海濱景觀。特別值得注意的是路易斯和約塞林的管理人員,以及包括里奧在內的長期餐廳工作人員。他們都非常樂於助人,並在住宿期間盡一切努力協助處理您提出的任何問題。酒店工作人員展示良好,常識性的措施以儘量減少COVID(入口處洗手液,所有人員佩戴口罩)。多年來,我還注意到酒店不斷投資,以提升各個區域(大堂、泳池、餐廳天篷等)
蓋亞保護區酒店 - 限成人
4.6/593 評價
This is a great hotel that is small enough to feel intimate but has most of the amenities of a large resort. Of course, the initial highlight is that the hotel is built into the forest and treats the land as a preserve. On top of that, many of the rooms have gorgeous views, and ours had a view of the ocean over the hills. The staff is amazing. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Even though they have some routines that make things easy to follow and access, the staff is more than willing to help or adjust if you need it. We drove in, and once there they reserved a parking spot for us near the cart / shuttle service for the entire stay! From the entrance / parking, a shuttle takes you to the main building (rain or shine…we never had to wait in the rain and it was pouring when we arrived). The facilities were outstanding and well-appointed. Don’t get me wrong, there are some features that are aged, but most things are very nice and everything is always super-clean. The pools are really nice. Small, but several levels allow for multiple infinity pool experiences, along with floating chairs if you prefer to hold your drink while floating. There is a “swim up” bar that I think is usually open from 12-5 but don’t quote me on that. The food was pretty good. IMO, stick with traditional dishes. Ceviche and traditional Costa Rican breakfast were our favorites, but everything we tried was pretty good. The drink menu is a little light. They offer enough choices, but there are not any high end liquors, and the wine is good but I do not believe I also any vintages that you might expect from a hotel of this caliber. Finally, the rooms were very very nice. Our son had his own “standard” room and it looked as nice as ours did, even though he did not have as much space. Our room was a suite with a bedroom, full bath with walk in shower, a private patio, and a living space complete with leather sofa (and pull out bed), dining table with chairs, and club style chairs to complete the seating area. All very comfortable. Our room also came with access to a private terrace on the top floor. This space also included seating and tables, umbrella, and curtained Chaises. Great views from there and the private patio! In short, we did not have enough time to enjoy all of the amenities even within our own room, but we were beyond comfortable and the views and vibe were amazing. One more thing: the owner has started a macaw restoration project, so you can see Scarlett macaws on the premise. We also saw many other bird species (this is an eBird hotspot for those who use it), heard monkeys, and enjoyed seeing sloths and iguanas on the premise (but not in or near the room 😊).





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在Trip.com上,我們為您精心推薦了48家克波斯港酒店。當地酒店平均價格大概是652 HKD一晚,克波斯港有各種各樣的酒店,定能滿足您對不同旅行的住宿需求。克波斯港有1家五星級酒店,平均每晚1392 HKD。克波斯港有3家四星級酒店,平均每晚863 HKD。克波斯港有9家三星級酒店,平均每晚705 HKD。克波斯港沒有太多知名連鎖酒店,但入住當地特色的酒店也能讓您體會到賓至如歸的感覺。如若您對旅行住宿比較有要求,在克波斯港還是挺容易找到舒適酒店的,像最佳西方旗下的酒店就很好。喜歡最佳西方的客人來到這裡,可以選擇該品牌旗下的酒店。作為克波斯港的熱門酒店,芒果月亮別墅酒店(Mango Moon Villa)是評價最高的酒店之一。當然,許多遊客也會選擇大森林自然度假村酒店(La Foresta Nature Resort)入住。

倘若您住在克波斯港市區的酒店,可以優先遊覽附近的景點,比如Pescadora。除了之前介紹過的景點外,Manuel Antonio國家公園也是比較有名的。